Integrated platform for videoconferencing, remote real-time image diagnosis and whiteboard for medical images sharing


The main challenges of any public or private Health System are based on the continuous quality improving of the healthcare services while reducing the associated costs. The ICT developments and applications can play a key role in order to enhance the healthcare service efficiency, allowing quick remote emergency diagnosis, real-time medical collaboration or online patient monitoring, thus performing time savings, better patient care, and reducing unnecessary transfers among hospitals.

Technology Description

As a result of several R+D+i project developments, i2CAT has deployed different eHealth applications such as videoconferencing (ViewCat) or platforms for clinical diagnosis and radiological images sharing. Adding the know-how gained over years in terms of eHealth standards (HL7 and DICOM) to the already developed applications, the telemedicine offers the following features:

  1. Collaboration Tools: web videoconference, DICOM images sharing with whiteboard, online collaborative medical report generation
  2. Diagnosis Tools: real-time HD videostreaming with remote control (movement, zoom), video and image recording
  3. Interoperability: HL7 integration with Hospital Information Systems (HIS), integration with DICOM image repositories and Clinical Data Repositories.
  4. Customization: Look&Feel, Branding.

Key Advantages

  • Safety and privacy: encrypted communications and NAT/Firewall traversal solution
  • Two simultaneous real-time media flows: web videoconference between physicians and HD video streaming for diagnosis purposes, with bandwidth management and optimization
  • Collaborative medical report: DICOM image and whiteboard sharing, online clinical report
  • Remote camera control: HD video camera controlled by the remote physician/specialist
  • Ease of use: simple web-based interface, cloud SaaS platform, minimal installation requirements, seamless integration with HIS

Key benefits

  • Videoconferencing
  • Clinical diagnostic & Radiological images sharing
  • Integration with current clinical his
  • Remote emergency diagnosis
  • Online collaborative clinical reports
  • Real-time media and whiteboard

Current stage of development

Pilot platform available and deployed in Public Hospitals

Applications and Market

Telemedicine, B2B medical communications. The platform is initially developed for dermatologic purposes, but it can be spread to other specialities with small adaptations.

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