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Video IP System is an ubiquitous system that allows any user to publish and control its own content. The VIPS system is accessible from any user device: smart phone, tablet or laptop, and presents an intuitive and usable user interface, which allows content publishing into a display group with a simple drag & drop movement. All content can be published by VIPS as long as it is public and available. VIPS uses wireless technology and a remote management service. It is also ready to be deployed as a Cloud Computing service.

Technology Description

Video IP System is based on the following features:

  1. Playlist management: the management platform enables you to make your own content playlist ready to be published in your screen network, and thus, you are able to add new contents to your platform, sort the content you want to be displayed and schedule your publications.
  2. Multiple publications: do you want your entire screen network to be in action? You can do it in just one click. The same way you create a playlist, you are able to create a display group. VIPS brings you the ability to publish the same content at the same time in any display group you define.
  3. Self-display resource discovery: VIPS Self Discovery allows you to add new displays to your own screen infrastructure as easy as plugging into your network. Once your display system is switched on it is automatically registered to the VIPS Platform and ready to use.

Key Advantages

  • Anywhere, anytime, any content: need to publish content into a group of displays and you are travelling by train? Simply access your VIPS account and drag and drop contents into display resources. Your screen network will automatically display the content.
  • Your resources are fully leveraged: no need to renew your screen network. Take the most out of your current screen network, as any display resource can be used with the VIPS platform.
  • Plug’n’Play: Using VIPS is as easy as plugging your display and selecting the content you want to publish. The self-resource discovery protocol enables any screen resource into the VIPS platform allowing you to easily publish content on a screen

Key benefits

  • Plug&Play. Self-Display Resource Discovery
  • Anywhere, anytime, any content
  • Playlist management and multiple publications
  • Screens fully leveraged
  • SaaS deployment

Current stage of development

Pre-commercial platform already launched

Applications and Market

Digital Signage, IP CCTV. Retailers, Museums, Hotels, Schools

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