APAN Meeting 2013

i2CAT participates in the performance prepared for the 36th APAN meeting 2013.

APAN (the Asia Pacific Advanced Network), is the name given to the network of institutions and infrastructure that connects its members (different research and education networks) with other global networks. This organization is responsible for performing the 36th APAN Meeting, annual meeting that this year will be held in Daejeon, Korea. The event hosted by KAIST and KISTI offer lectures, tutorials, presentations and demonstrations in the field of applications and advanced networking made by relevant world experts.

The i2CAT Foundation will have an important role in the context of the event, participating in the virtual show Dancing Beyond Time. This show aims to conduct a simultaneous real-time performance between different dancers located in Barcelona, Daejeon Salvador and the music played in the venue located in Prague. This activity presents a significant technological challenge, for the entities involved, in aspects such as latency or real-time interaction between artists in different scenarios, in order to synchronize their movements and melody.

With this common goal, a total of 9 organizations will take part in this international co-creative process which puts together culture, art and technology. It is precisely, this meeting poibt between entities as different types which ephasizes, once again, that the future of culture and new technologues evolve in parallel. The entities that have cooperated in this virtual performance are:

Konic Theatre and the i2CAT Foundation in Barcelona (ES), the Ivani Santana / GP Technological Poetics and REDE Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP) of Salvador (BR), Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Hamu), CESNET association of Prague (CZ) and APAN WE eCulture.

The event will take place on August 21, can be followed live via http://live.kisti.re.kr (ID: apan36 PW: kreonet)

For more information related to the APAN Meeting, you can check the official website at the following link.

Agenda of the meeting:



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