CreatiFI - Last advices for participants of Open Call 1

The budget file is meant to provide the reviewers an overview of how you will use the €50 000 to accelerate the translation of your idea into a prototype.

Make sure to  double check your budget sheet and keep in mind that the budget you'll receive once selected will be granted as follows:

  • Selected projects wil be granted €10 000 upon signing their contract in January 2015 (Q1)
  • Upon reaching mid-term milestone (April), an additional €15 000 wil be granted (Q2)
  • Upon delivering a working prototype in August, €25 000 will be granted (Q3)
  • During phase 1, a maximum of €50 000 will be granted to the selected project, based on meeting your milestones.

Don't forget to fill in the required questionnaire, this will be the basis of the eligibility check.

Note that the submission is in English

Last but not least: Do not wait until the very last moment to submit your proposal

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