Project CreatiFi launches the Creative Ring Challenge


The target of this challenge is to create innovative multi-site street art performances that will enhance the experience of citizens participating in city festivals using FIWARE and ICT technologies in order to keep the festivity closer to citizens and the city reality.

The Barcelona hub is proposing this challenge as a fast launch for technological and artistic companies, willing to bring their ideas into reality and boost its career at international level.

We are looking for artists, ICT developers, designers and creative communities eager to collaborate among them and produce their Future Internet Artistic Performances in the framework of the Barcelona MAC festival during La Mercè 2016.

The whole process starts with a public presentation at MWC

followed by informative sessions targeting developers and artistic communities. In late March there will be an Advisory Week. Those interested in the challenge should start building their team combining artistic excellence, IT skills and FIWARE proficiency. CreatiFI will provide support through online resources and its support service.

An Advisory event

has been designed to provide in deep information about the challenge and its link with La Mercè 2016, FIWARE technologies as well as the last recommendations to prepare a good proposal. The event will promote the networking among participants. A second day will be devoted to provide on demand artistic and technological feasibility checks in which artistic approach, FIWARE technology, and business models for artistic communities will be assessed by experts.

Once the application period is closed.

A jury, composed by experts in arts performances, experts in FIWARE technologies and in cultural industry, will select the most promising proposals based on the criteria of artistic excellence, transferability, technological excellence, business status & potential, and team excellence. These proposals will be invited to a pitching session in which the jury will select the 5 best proposals that will receive 25.000€ for the first conception and development phase. Participants will receive customised mentoring (including technological advise, production management, etc.) for 3 month.

A mid-term evaluation will take place end of June where the 5 projects will be demonstrated and evaluated by the same jury. The best project according to the jury’s criteria will continue during 3 months more with the development and mentoring process to produce the final art performance.

The city’s festival La Mercè

Every year, in September the 24th, Barcelona celebrates the festivity of its local patron la Mercè, with a festival of festivals, drawing more than 2 million people during its week-long run. The traditional fests, concerts and cultural and artistic performances, that take place throughout the city, are a reference for the cultural industry in Europe and worldwide. With more than 600 different activities and 2.000 artists every year, Barcelona becomes the capital of culture

 La Mercè Tecnològica part of the MAC festival (MAC stands for Mercè Arts de Carrer– Street Art Festival), focuses on street performances in which the hybridation of art and technology plays a central role. It includes dance, circus, street theatre, fire, light, and images in large scale events and large format installations.

With no doubt, La Mercè is one of the best catapults for innovative companies, at local level, but also at international level. The relevance of Barcelona, and its festivity, is for sure a reference event in the European agenda of culture and performing arts. La Mercè tecnològica is a perfect cultural test environment where to experiment and catapult new artistic creations

 Who can participate

Artist, entrepreneurs, cultural associations, cooperatives, micro companies, or SMEs, established as a legal entity registered under the laws of an EU country and compliant with the EU tax and social security obligations.

Physical presence at the Advisory event is required.



March 2 1- 24                              Creative Ring Challenge Week

March 28, 23h59 CET                 Final deadline to submit application

April 6-7                                       Pitching event and first selection of winners

                                                    (5 projects max, €25k each + process guidance)

April-June                                    Implementation of your prototype

June: Jury                                    A maximum of two projects get additional support

                                                    (€25k each and coaching)

June - September                        Implementation of your mature application on one or

                                                    more locations

October                                        End presentation together with the winners from the

                                                    other regions in Europe (Spain, Finland and Italy )



 For more information about the challenge, the funding and how to submit your application join the event scheduled next March 7th at UPC Auditorium (Tànger Building, carrrer Roc Boronat, 138, Barcelona).

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