FI Content 2 Open Call is already open

Focused on the adhesion of new members in the consortium of FI Content 2, it has been opened an Open Call for project proposals, which complement activities to be carried out within the three platforms: Smart Connected TV, Smart City Guide y Pervasive gamming.

FI Content 2 opened the Open Call waiting response from companies, especially SMEs, to develop and propose solutions that complement at least one of the three platforms are being developed and implemented in the three different experimentation sites by the project partners. The i2CAT Foundation is leading the Barcelona experimentation site to test  applications related to Smart City Guide and Pervasive gamming.

FI content expects respondents to the Open Call to propose solutions that build on and complement at least one of the three platforms being developed and deployed in test locations by the project partners. The proposals should either describe new experimentations (for instance by extending the test population toward new socio-cultural groups – e.g.: children, elderly people) or add significant improvements to existing experimentations (for instance by improving the user experience or providing advanced scenarios for targeting and customizing advertisement). Provision of new functions or features could be achieved by developing and integrating new technology modules, or by interconnecting one or several of the FI content platforms with other systems.

The Open Call has a budget of 1.35 million euros, and the deadline is the following 8th  of January 2014 at 17h (Brussels time). The necessary information for those who are interested in taking part can be found at the following link:

For further information on the Open Call, please send an email to [email protected].

The i2CAT, as national representative and leader of the Barcelona experimentation site, will hold on November 21 an informative meeting. To receive further information on this meeting and participate in the informative meeting click on the following link.

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