FI-Content user trials experience

The i2CAT Foundation and BCNLab are experimenting with bringing new technologies to the street. On 16th and 23rd January the two entities have organized FI-Content user experience trials, two user trials to learn the strengths and weaknesses of two mobile applications that will undergo the testing phase with the help of citizenship.

During the afternoon of Friday, January 16th, in the vicinity of the Fabra i Coats, participants will hunt locations, achieve challenges and win points with their mobile devices ('geocaching'), using an adapted version of the Smart City Guide application Institute German Fraunhofer FOKUS research.

The competition of the day January 23rd will pass through the outside of the metro and tram Barcelona. Players participate in Barcelona's version of augmented reality game Gnome Trader, a game developed by Disney Research and the Polytechnic University of Zurich. The game is based on buying and selling crops from some fantasy characters (gnomes) that are scattered throughout the city. These gnomes live inside the canopies of the metro and tram stations in the city, and can only be discovered through the application. Based on buying at cheap locations and selling at expensive ones, the player can get richer, buy useful items, and progress.

There are two separate sessions in which the participation of people over 18 wanting to play and have a good time is paramount. These activities do not require prior computer knowledge, you just have to register and present with a mobile device with Internet access, with the battery charged and sufficient memory to download the test application. At the beginning of the activity coordinator will give you all the details of the competition, will sign an informed consent form, and help you install the application on your mobile.

Besides having a good time and participating in a process to validate an application, attendees are eligible for one of the six awards between EUR 150 and 30, to be redeemed for Amazon products. The players who earn more points will be the winners.

This proposal is part of the European project FI-Content 2 for the development of new Internet technologies. This initiative that has brought together internationally renowned institutions to guide innovation between content creation, multimedia technologies, the use of networks and creativity. The aim of both experiments will be to test technologies of the Smart City Platform and the Pervasive Games Platform of the FI-Content 2 project. These are two platforms of software modules designed to facilitate the creation of applications for smart cities and augmented reality games, respectively.

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