Funding Opportunities and Technical Training in Media and Content Technologies

FIWARE “Media & Content” open day 

The event will take place on March 6 and will host presentations on funding opportunities, demonstrations and a training workshop around FIcontent technologies and FIWARE 

Next March 6 marks the FIWARE Media & Content Open Day which will be celebrated at the Design Hub Barcelona Building. Its main objective is to serve as a platform to explain the funding opportunities offered by FIWARE accelerators, with over 80 million euros to finance SME's, entrepreneurs and developers, as well as to raise awareness and provide training on FIContent and FIWARE. The conference is organized by the FIContent project, together with the i2CAT Foundation and the Department of Creativity and Innovation of the Institute of Culture of Barcelona.

These sessions represent a great opportunity for SME, entrepreneurs and developers who wish to participate in calls for funding within the FIWARE accelerator, which grant projects that use technologies provided by FIcontent and FIWARE. The following FIWARE accelerators will be presenting: CreatiFIFIC3EuropeanPioneersIMpaCTFABulous . They will explain the details and objectives of the upcoming 2015 Open Calls oriented to creative industries.

The day is a great opportunity for the technological community, as they will learn and deepen its understanding of the use of Media & Content technologies provided by FIcontent and FIWARE, and receive information directly from companies and universities which have developed these technologies. The sessions will also serve to expand the opportunities and the participant’s horizons with the new edition of the Apps&Culture 2015 contest, which this year is dedicated to boost the use of FIWARE technologies in the development of mobile applications.  

The day offers various training sessions led by FIcontent own developers structured in three technological platforms:

  • Social connected TV: services for connected devices that complement the experience of television which can be used in other scenarios.
  • Smart city service: set of technologies that allow generate, share and combine content offering new services and mobility experiences in cities.
  • Pervasive gaming: innovation platform that combines Internet and Augmented Reality to create immersive environments and new gaming experiences.

The event starts at 10am and ends at 2:30pm, it is free and open to everyone upon registration.


Agenda (Download):

Location of the event:

Design Museum Building (DHUB) - Museu del Disseny de Barcelona (Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38; Barcelona)




(main space)

10:00 – 10:15


Registration desk in Floor -1 (Àvila street)

10:15 – 10:30

Welcome session

10:30 – 12:00

FI-PPP Accelerators presentations

CreatiFI, FIC3, EuropeanPioneers, IMpaCT, FABulous

12:00 – 12:15





Room 1
(Social Connected TV space)

Room 2
(Smart City Services space)

Room 3
(Pervasive Games space)

12:15 – 14:30

Social Connected TV training sessions

Smart City Guides training sessions

Pervasive Gaming training sessions

13:30 – 14:30

Social Connected TV demos and Q&A with SE owners

Smart City Guides demos and Q&A with SE owners

Pervasive Gaming demos and Q&A with SE owners


End of day

The accelerators projects will be represented by:

  • Ingrid WILLEMS (iMinds – CreatiFI)
  • Carmen MAC WILLIAMS (Grassroots – FI-C3)
  • Laura Kohler (EIH - EuropeanPioneers)
  • Marcelo Royán (ISDI - IMpaCT)
  • Francisco Buján (CARSA - FABulous)

The training sessions will be conducted by the following representatives of FIContent 2:

- Social Connected TV training sessions

  • Martin GORDON (RBB)
  • Robert SEELIGER (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
  • Peter MURYSKHIN (Fraunhofer IAIS)
  • Ralf NEUDEL (IRT)

- Smart City Guide training sessions

  • Loïc ORTOLA (eBiz)
  • Olivier DUVOID (eBiz)
  • Milenko TOSIC (LCI)
  • Benjamin MOLINA (UPV)
  • David THOUMAS (ODS)
  • Martin LASAK (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
  • Miggi ZWICKLBAUER (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
  • Roland WESTERMAIER (Pixelpark)

- Pervasive Gaming training sessions

  • Marcel LANCELLE (ETHZ)
  • Stefan LEMME (DFKI)
  • Stéphane MAGNENAT (Disney Research)
  • Fabio TESSER (Mivoq)
  • Giulio Paci (MIVOQ)

Note: All sessions will be held in English

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With the support of:

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