Grants for differential transversal technologies outsourcing

Tecnobons are grants of up € 3.000 for small businesses interested in receiving support services for innovation from technological centers like i2CAT.

If you are a small business, you can receive technological support from i2CAT. The Government of Catalonia has launched the program Tecnobons, managed by ACCIÓ and oriented to companies between 6 and 49 employees, with the aim of promoting technological innovation and improve business ties with the technological centers in Catalonia.

Tecnobons is a pioneering project in Catalonia, which enables companies with little technological experience to have the chance to access the knowledge and resources of specialized suppliers such as i2CAT, and therefore to improve this way their technological innovation and competitiveness.

This funding system is managed through coupons, which work as follows: The company will get a direct economical discount by ACCIÓ (with a maximum value of $ 3,000) in the form of a voucher that must be exchanged for a technological service. It is a non-repayable grant program aimed at companies interested in receiving any of the following value-added technological services (provided they are part of the enabling transversal technologies of the RIS3CAT[2] program):

-Studies of technological surveillance and state of the art: actions to provide itself with external information about science and technology (analysis of the current situation and trends), with the aim of transforming it into knowledge to identify opportunities, to make decisions with less risk and to anticipate changes.

-Studies of technological and industrial feasibility: actions required to decide whether it is possible to develop technologically and industrially a product/service and/or a process in a safety way with the available technology, checking out different factors such as structural strength, durability, effectiveness, energy implications, control mechanisms, industrial scalability, etc., according to the field in question.

-Testing and validation of pilot processes, new methods and materials: actions designed to verify and validate that pilot processes, new methods or materials achieve the intended objectives within the established specifications.

-Testing and validation of new experimental prototypes, new products and/or services: actions designed to verify and validate that the new prototypes, new products and/or services achieve the intended objectives within the established specifications.

The maximum amount eligible for these services will be € 10,000. The grant is 50% of the cost of the service, with a maximum of € 3,000. The recipient company should assume the remaining costs of the service.

This initiative comes in response to one of the greatest challenges of the funding programs of business projects, which is to adapt quickly and nimbly to the companies’ needs. The program call is already open and ACCIÓ expects to finance up to 70 Tecnobons this year 2014.

In this sense, i2CAT will support those companies that are interested in making use of these services. So we propose to make a joint meeting to discuss your needs, and make an offer of support, which can be funded through this new initiative.

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