The i2CAT Audiovisual Unit present at Byblos International Festival

The i2CAT Audiovisual Unit present at Byblos International Festival.

Jbeil, located in Lebanon, is the city that every year in July holds the prestigious International Festival of Byblos. The event concentrates relevant international music and cultural artists. I2CAT in the framework of the Mediterranean Cooperation Project I AM (International Augmented Med) attended the festival during the 25th , 26th and 27th of July, jointly with other partners of the project Consortium, introducing the activities and developments of the Audiovisual Unit that have been done within the I AM project, and those that will keep carrying out until the end of the project (in 2015).

The main objective of the project is to create an ICT-Tourism cross-sector for the enhancement of natural and cultural heritage sites. The Audiovisual Unit takes part in one pilot based on the archaeological emplacement of Empúries (Costa Brava). The objective is to improve the user’s experience bringing the visitor, through the use of mobile devices and the Augmented Reality, into the colonial Greek and Roman period. Thanks to this applications, visitors will be able to see three-dimensional representations of the antique temples and ruins of Empúries, related images, videos, extra information and audio, among others.

The festival brought the opportunity to the visitors to know better the project, understand the pilots and the different technologies used, such as videomaping or Augmented Reality. In parallel, it was also explained which are the places that will be involved in the pilots and the activities that are planned for them.

You can access the presentation video of the AR application developed by i2CAT clicking the following link.


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