i2CAT aumenta su proyección internacional.

i2CAT increases their international projection.

Written by Drafting TNI the 23/07/2013 at 21:45:38.

The i2CAT Foundation Technology Center nonprofit that promotes R&D+i in the field of ICT and the Future Internet, has managed in 2012 to participate in a total of 28 European projects, representing an increase 75% compared to the 16 executed in 2011. Of this figure, an entity takes charge of five of them: MANTYCHORE and SODALES focusing on new paradigms for managing telecommunications networks; IRATI, focused on the design of a new Internet architecture; FIBRE, which aims to implement an experimental infrastructure dedicated to R&D+i between Europe and Brazil; and TV-Ring, aimed at creating advanced applications for Connected TV platforms.

Of the total income of i2CAT in 2012, 5.1 million euros, more than a million responds to obtained EU funds financing R & D + i, which represents an increase of 13%, In this way by counteracting the reduction aid to state and national level. Also from billing to companies who commission services and developments i2CAT R + D + i on Demand has made a slight rise and now accounts for 30% of total turnover of the Foundation.

Both positive results reinforce the strategy of i2CAT betting for the internationalization and technology transfer as a means to become a technological reference partner locally and internationally in the field of Internet technology level, providing added value to the market that allows companies to improve their competitiveness, and promoting the expansion of Internet into new areas related to cities, industry and creativity.

The i2CAT Foundation is a research and innovation founded in 2003 and chaired by the Directorate General of Telecommunications and Information Society of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Its main objective is to get a future Internet accessible and open. To this end, the Foundation put the research and innovation of the Internet available to society through collaboration between the public administration, companies and research groups from universities and the educational world to develop innovative projects in the field of new technologies for the knowledge society.

The Patronato of the entity has the following companies and organizations: ACCIÓ, Alcatel-Lucent, Barcelona City Council, Cisco Systems, Corporació Catalan Audiovisual Media Chromosome TKIT, Fujitsu, Generalitat de Catalunya, Interoute, Juniper Networks, Mediapro, Orange Business Services, Catalan Health Service, Tradia Telecom, the universities Politècnica de Catalunya, and Pompeu Fabra Ramon Llull, and Vodafone.


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