i2CAT, a consolidated entity

Despite the challenging last year, in which public funds at Catalan and Spanish level for R + D experienced a significant reduction, the Foundation has continued rightly his way to be a leader in the field of new technologies Internet, giving special attention to the development of funds and collaborations in European and international projects, and to the increase of activities related to the business environment and technology transfer.

In the first case, the results are clear: of 78 projects carried out during 2013, almost 40% (30 projects) corresponds to European or international projects, while the previous year the percentage was 28 %.

This is a fact which confirms the assessment of the International Committee of CERCA Institution. In this sense, as a member of the Research Centres of Catalonia, the scientific production of i2CATwas evaluated in 2013 by an international committee, which recognized that i2CAT has a high level of prestige in its field and is well positioned internationally, highlighting the Foundation effort to get European funds for their projects.

The other principle task of i2CAT has been redirecting the organization towards the service to companies and technology transfer, to work closely with the real customer, identifying new business opportunities and cooperate with companies to develop projects that add value to them.

If you want to know the main data and activities of last year, you can take a look to the Annual Report 2013 of i2CAT here.

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