i2CAT executed another TNA

i2CAT executed another TNA jointly with Konic Theatre, HZT Berlin and Fraunhofer IPK

Thanks to the project Visionair and its transnational actions, Barcelona and Berlin were interconnected to run several experiments in June, in order to bring virtual performances into a next level, including highly immersive environments in the creation of contents for artistic performances.

The project studied and experimented the development of novel product for the culture and performing arts industry using the infrastructure provided by Visionair’s partners (i2CAT and Fraunhofer IPK). This TNA opened new ways of experimentation and creation using advanced visual environments formats in the field of telematics and distributed events. The potential utilities of the results are very rich from a technical point of view and also from the artistic perspective. The complex scenario that was propound, opens up new experiments and leads virtual performances to a new horizon of possibilities and will contribute to break technological and conceptual frontiers.

The main technical questions faced during the TNA were:

  • Compatibility of the usage of a CAVE mixed with Ultragrid.
  • Network behavior under multiple configurations and viability of its usage.
  • Performance of the remote realization and behavior.
  • Performance of the CAVE while being used for alternatives purposes.
  • Workarounds to use the CAVE for artistic purposes with more than one user

Results of the experience will be presented in the near future.

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