i2CAT, finalist in the BCN Open Challenge

I2CAT Foundation is one of the finalist entities in the competition Barcelona Open Challenge, organized by the City Council and Citymart.com with the aim to give an answer to six challenges related to the transformation of the public space and city services. In the case of the selected platform of i2CAT, it would answer to the second challenge, which seeks a technological platform capable of promoting coordinated networks to avoid social isolation of the elderly.

In this regard, the City Council has found that the isolation and loneliness of the elderly have devastating effects on their health and quality of life, as much as for example smoking, and in the case of Barcelona and Europe, the trend is upward. For this reason, Barcelona promotes the creation of a platform to strengthen the relationship between people who support the elderly, both in the formal framework, such as the care and health field, as the more informal one, through family, friends, neighbors and volunteers, so that they provide better care and reduce isolation.

The solution proposed by i2CAT, that has allowed it to be among the finalists, with the name of ConnectaBCN, is based on an open source multi-platform with communication, video and voice service capabilities, with social media benefits and video storage, with a calendar to support daily activities and manage appointments, alert system, encrypted and secure storage of important documents and personal data, elements of health monitoring, and advice and training in the use. Additionally, the platform will enable to add new applications and functions of third parties so that it can be adapted to future needs of the citizens.

The Foundation has also developed a sustainable business model related to the use of the platform and the value services, so that the investment is could be recovered by the city of Barcelona.

The BCN Open Challenge is an international call for companies and entrepreneurs to propose innovative solutions to six different challenges to transform the public space and city services. As a distinctive feature compared to other competitions, the BCN OpenChallenge is a direct commitment to hire the chosen solutions. Winners of many urban competitions receive an award or the opportunity to pilot. Barcelona is breaking the old patterns by using public procurement to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and growth of small and medium enterprises.

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