i2CAT makes the FIBRE network a reality

i2CAT makes the experimental intercontinental FIBRE network a reality

Started in 2011, the FIBRE project has undertaken the implementation of a large intercontinental experimental network of the Future Internet, which allows both the academic and industrial environments as well as advanced users to have an enabling environment for proposing, creating, developing and quickly validating new proposed Internet applications, services and devices. After 38 months of work, the intercontinental FIBRE platform, led by i2CAT Foundation, is already a reality.

This new experimental, heterogeneous, scalable and open network combines optical, wireless, mobile or fixed technologies interconnecting 13 islands, ten in Brazil and three in Europe through two intercontinental connections: Sao Paulo – i2CAT and Sao Paulo – University of Bristol (United Kingdom). Thus, FIBRE allows connecting the European FIRE platform, funded by the European Union and in which i2CAT participates providing its own experimental platform (pioneer in Spain,) with the experimental platform in Brazil.

FIBRE applies the principles of Software Defined Networks (SDN), Virtualization and Federation on network resources (optical and electrical links, switches, stations, basis, routers ...) and computational and storage resources (servers), which enable researchers and advanced users to choose, book on demand and use all kind of resources to create, for as long as needed, their own application or service experiment. Virtualization allows the sharing of resources optimally and federation integrates heterogeneous resources under a unified umbrella. The control of the platform and the islands is done with different solutions (OCF, OMF, PROTOGENI), which act federated offering transparency of use to researchers.

The project has developed three use cases: one in the wireless environment, another about management of optical resources on demand and a third about high quality video transmission with control and transmission of audiovisual content of 4Kx4K resolution. 

For more information:

FIBRE project: www.fibre-ict.eu

FIRE Platform: www.ict-fire.eu

i2CAT Platform: www.i2cat.net/ca/area/infraestructura-i-serveis

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