i2CAT organizes a Networked Art Performance at the ICT 2013 conference in Vilnius

i2CAT organizes a Networked Art Performance at the ICT 2013 conference in Vilnius.

Cooperation between SPECIFI and VISIONAIR projects present a real-time distributed artistic performance

The ICT Event 2013 (Vilnius, 6-8 November) hosts a networked art performance connecting real-time artistic actions in multiple venues around Europe. The Barcelona Creative Ring cross its boundaries and connects, through the Visionair project, with Grenoble and Poznan to deliver a complex distributed scenario that includes musicians and dancers at an artistic level, low latency video transmission and mixing, and 3D-capture at technical level. 

The event shows the potential of distributed music and dance creation over high broadband networks, combining arts and technology for creating a virtual distributed stage. The performance will connect 4 cities (Barcelona, Poznan, Grenoble, Vilnius) using ultra high definition and virtual reality facilities interconnected through the research and innovation networks (NRENs) of GEANT, LITNET and PIONIER. Barcelona (Spain), Poznan (Poland) and Vilnius (Lithuania) will host four musicians playing simultaneously on each venue. A dancer in Grenoble will be dancing synchronized with the music and the movements will be captured using motion-capture technology. All the elements will be combined and finally displayed at the conference in Vilnius, where the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy a 3D representation of the dancer playing the composition of the four musicians.

This 3-days performance is the result of cooperation among various entities and the SPECIFI and VISIONAIR projects, supported by the European Commission (FP7-Capacities and CIP PSP programmes). The networked art performance has been organised by i2CAT Foundation in cooperation with PSNC, Grenoble INP and INRIA, with the support of ENoLL and the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB). 

The ICT Event is one of the most relevant events in Europe, where more than 5.000 researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry representatives, young people and politicians will meet. This year, the future of ICT and the Horizon 2020 will be the main focus of discussion. 

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