i2CAT participa a la “Future Internet Assembly”, Dublín

Last week Dublin was the scenario for the 2013 Future Internet Assembly (FIA) event. The theme for FIA-Dublin was “Future Internet accelerates Innovation”, and the event focused on how European Future Internet research and innovation supports EU’s competitiveness and how will enable a new wave of technologies at the eve of Horizon 2020.

FIA is a research community driven initiative supported by more than 150 research projects that have recognised the need to strengthen European activities on the Future Internet (FI) to maintain European competitiveness in the global marketplace. In particular, these projects have identified the urgent need to redesign significant part of the Internet, taking a broad multidisciplinary approach, to meet European societal, business and technology ambitions. 

The i2CAT Foundation, as a reference entity in research and innovation in the Internet, was invited to present several research projects and to participate in conferences and workshops where they discussed, from different perspectives, key issues to be considered for the Future Internet. Artur Serra, i2CAT Deputy Director, participated as a speaker in the session "The Creative Ring: Towards Connected Smart and Creative Cities and Citizens", organized in the framework of the SPECIFI project. Sergi Figuerola, Director of Innovation and Technology i2CAT was invited to contribute to the meeting Envisioning Future Internet Envisioning Future Internet.

Various i2CAT units attended at the event presenting running projects in the field of Future Internet. The Distributed Applications and Networks Area (DANA), represented by Joan A. García-Espín, presented three projects: FIBRE, OFELIA and Fed4FIRE. The Audiovisual Unit (AU), represented by its coordinator, Sergi Fernandez, presented SPECIFI, eIeC and TV-RING.

i2CAT projects at FIA 2013 Event:

FIBRE project is a collaboration with the European Union within the FP7 program and the Brazilian Government through CNPq. The project will run two demonstrations during the FIA'13, executing two experiments over the experimental platform for Future Internet project unfolded: packtet migration over-optical networks and RouteFlow.

OFELIA project is funded by the FP7 ICT Programme of the European Commission and aims at the creation of an infrastructure based on experimental Openflows technology to be offered to the research community. The OFELIA project will demonstrate a use case based on the deployment of the technology, and also will offer a workshop on optical devices.

The main objective of the federation is Fed4FIRE different projects of European Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE). The project organizes at FIA'13 a training workshop to explain the possibilities of where this infrastructure.

SPECIFI project promotes the use of the infrastructure of the Internet of the Future supporting of culture and creativity within the context of Smart Cities. Its goal is to highlight the culture and creativity generated in European cities. This project will conduct three pilots over the Creative Ring, involving the cities of Kortrijk (Belgium), Trento (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain). The i2CAT Foundation lead experimentation in the use of HD real-time video. SPECIFI consortium, supported by VISIONAIR project, will showcase a virtual performance during the FIA Event. In this demonstration the three cities involved in the project and Dublin will be connected with artists playing synchronized songs.

eIeC is a project aligned with SPECIFI, which encourage the creation of a Global Cultural/Creative Ring. This initiative is the outcome of the first Cultural Ring experience.

TV-RING is focused on the potential related with Connected TV Platforms using HbbTV and the services that can be deployed, through broadband networks. The project will carry out three pilots in three European regions, in order to develop and validate new applications using new multimedia formats. The entire value chain of the audiovisual sector will be represented in this project thanks to the creation of an Open Connected TV Forum, dedicated to share ideas and knowledge acquired during the project.

For more information about the FIA Event, please visit the official website at the following link.

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