i2CAT participates in a new TNA

Thanks to Visionair project (EC FP7 Grant Agreement 262044) and its creative transnational actions (TNA), telecommunication engineers from the i2CAT Audiovisual Unit and artists and creative within the performing arts and dance at the Université de Strasbourg (UFR des Arts danse) will meet in Barcelona to run multiple experiments with distributed environments to bring to a higher level the performing arts using multiconference system, multimedia transmissions and network scenarios. It will be from the 4th to the 13th of August when a space of co-creation will be enabled within the premises of Fabra i Coats Art Factory where representatives of the two entities will investigate new methodologies, share their knowledge and experiences in the form of workshops and experimentation sessions. 

The final demonstration scenario of this experimental and training sessions will be showcased in the framework of the distributed event “dQ14 Dancing in the SpacE” on Tuesday, 12th of August, the 1st cyberperformance distributed, called "dQ14 Dancing in spacE" will feature the participation of artists located in remote parts of the world such as Prague, Barcelona, Miami and Nantou (Taiwan) which will be online interconnected. This action will count with the transnational collaboration between Internet2 Arts & Humanities Group and eCulture APAN WG. 

This initiative, based on a premise guiding a research carried out jointly with Konic (an artistic platform based in Barcelona dedicated to contemporary creation with a focus on the application of interactive technologies to artistic projects) is a step forward in facilitating and experimentating with new methods and uses of technology within the performing arts, which will be make available to artists and its efficiency will be tested in a real case scenario. 

Ultimately, this TNA will open doors for new experimental and creative formats using advanced visual environments in the field of telematics and distributed events. The potential utilities of the results are very rich from a technical point of view and also from the artistic perspective, and the results of this experience will be presented in the near future.

Image by APAN

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