i2CAT presents several research projects about Future Internet and 5G at the EUCNC 2015, Paris

The i2CAT Foundation will have a strong presence in the European Conference on Networks and Communications, which will be held in Paris from June 29 to July 2 and will focus in the field of 5G, topic in which i2CAT is positioning itself as a reference center through its participation in several research projects at European level.

 In this regard, the first European projects under the 5G-PPP program of the European Commission will be officially presented during the conference. i2CAT takes part in four of the 16 initially presented (SESAME, CHARISMA; 5G-XHAUL and SONATA), leading one of them, the CHARISMA PROJECTE. Eduard Escalona, Director of the Networks and Distributed Applications Area in i2CAT (DANA), will be responsible for carrying out the presentation of the project during the conference, as coordinator leader.

Moreover, in the research line of network architecture RINA, i2CAT will be present at the PRISTINE-Booth, carrying out demonstrations throughout the week about the implementation of this Future Internet architecture, in which this European project is working in a decentralized cloud scenario.

It is a new network architecture that unifies physical and virtual networks offering a new easier and more powerful interface for distributed applications. In RINA there is a single layer type, which is repeated as many times as necessary (recursion), and the communication services offered for each layer can be customized by policies. Specifically, PRISTINE is creating a Software Development Kit (SDK) that will develop and instantiate several routing policies, authentication, encryption, etc., in order to optimize the operation of each layer to its operational environment.

The DANA will also be present at the booth of the CONTENT project (http://content-fp7.eu), performing demonstrations of wired and wireless resources virtualization software (TSON - WiFi - LTE) in access and metropolitan networks. This software is based on the framework Open Network as a Service, which leads i2CAT (http://www.opennaas.org).

I2CAT will also participate on the booth of the T-NOVA Project (www.t-nova.eu), showing a system for managing network services based on virtualized functions. The project, which is part of the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) concept, aims to design and implement a management platform and orchestration of on demand virtual functions in order to automate the provisioning, configuration, and optimizing the network services deployed on virtualized infrastructures.

During the workshops session of the Conference, Jordi Ferrer, project manager of DANA, will participate, as a member of the T-NOVA project, in the workshop on Network Functions Virtualization, held on Monday 29 June as a parallel activity to the conference.

Besides DANA, also the Ubiquitous Internet Technologies Unit (UITU) of i2CAT will be there for the event, since a 5G-PPP projecs presented here will work from this area. It's 5G-XHAUL project in which i2CAT participates as technical coordinator and will target the design of wireless and optical transport networks (networks that connect a base station with the equipment operator) to future 5G networks.

This area recently participated at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), which took place from 8 to 12 June in London and in which Daniel Camps, director of UITU, presented the article "SDN wireless Backhauling for Small Cells". The article proposes an architecture that allows Openflows protocol used to control routing policies (or forwarding) in a network of Small Cells, where the Small Cells are interconnected using wireless technologies. This technology will allow operators to easily deploy Small Cells to increase the capacity of their networks, and implement easily by software, new connectivity services on these networks.

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