i2CAT supports the creative industry entrepreneurs

i2CAT Foundation participates in CreatiFI, an accelerator project aimed at adopting ICT among European creative industries. This European project will assist in the financing of entrepreneurs who want to move forward with innovative projects in the field of Future Internet related to the creative industry. I2CAT, together with the Creativity and Innovation Department ICUB, cooperates with this initiative by managing the Catalan node.

Specifically, I2CAT leads the technology assessment on the use of FIWARE technologies, also known as enablers. I2CAT also will support the validation process, thanks to its experience as a Living Lab, the most successful prototypes in Catalonia.

CreatiFI aims to introduce FI-PPP technologies (an EC-driven initiative, which converge public and private entities at European level for the Future Internet) to all corners of the creative industries, supporting and accelerating between 60 and 90 entrepreneurs in developing tools and services for innovative creative industries. To achieve this, CreatiFI announced since October 1st the first Open Call (out of two) to fund innovative and creative ideas that make use of FIWARE technologies.

Companies, entrepreneurs, startups, designers, publicists, programmers, audiovisual producers, music producers, architects, editors, experts in gaming and videogames, artists and the creative sector in general, are invited to submit ideas for innovative proposals using technologies of the Future Internet in this first Open Call. This call offers a € 50,000 funding for developers, SMEs and other entities that submit a design (mock-up) of their idea accompanied by a development plan, which takes the idea to a prototype in a timeframe of eight months. In the first round of selection, it will be chosen a total of 30 ideas each of the four HUBs (Catalonia, Benelux, Nordic Countries and Italy) forming CreatiFI. The elected will be considered to a second stage of selection where the ideas will be presented in detail in court. Of these, a total of 15 will be chosen to receive funding and a set of support services (coaching, building support network, and so on) for a total of 60 initiatives. In addition, they may choose, in the second stage, to an additional € 100,000 funding. The 1st Open Call will close its deadline to submit proposals on November 30.

For more information, please consult the project website: www.creatifi.eu. For those interested in participating in the Open Call, you can do so here: http://www.creatifi.eu/open-calls

All those wishing to present their idea and have any questions about the procedure, can be addressed to the representatives of the Catalan HUB by email: [email protected]

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