Innovation and cooperation with SME: i2CAT and the WIDER project

European population is getting older, and ageing trend presents numerous social changes and challenges, for which adequate solutions need to be found. The European Union, through the MED Programme and the local support of ACCIÓ, is co-financing the WIDER project, “Green groWing SMEs: Innovation and Development in the energy sector in mEd aRea”, with the main goal to address the ageing trend and related social changes and challenges it presents, by using an innovative approach. In particular, it aims to enhance elderly customers’ lifestyle while helping them to use energy in a cleaner and better way and improve energy saving. 

i2CAT Foundation, considering its experience in the field of innovation, technologies and healthcare, decided to participate in this initiative through targeted activities proposed within the WIDER Project, aimed at improving and sharing knowledge regarding innovation, market opportunities and new products of SMEs, all along the supply chain of the eco-smart housing for independent living of elderly sector. Given that, two proposals were presented to the last WIDER Call, in collaboration with two SMEs: Atlantis IT and EuroGestión y Salud, and both of them were accepted by the local partner of the WIDER consortium, which in this case was the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness, ACCIÓ. 

Atlantis IT, established in 2014, is composed by well-experienced professionals in the field of GPS tracking solutions, mainly focused in the professional market providing fleet management solutions to customers as Aigües de Barcelona, Securitas and CIRSA. They are currently planning to expand the scope of tracking solutions, introducing innovative functionalities by providing new personal services based on personal trackers, which contribute to improve quality of life, security and safety of older adults during the whole ageing process. 

The proposal presented with Atlantis IT aims to develop a system to enhance the autonomy of the elderly. This system will be composed of a portable device for the care recipient, a mobile application for the relative or carer and a server for the communication between devices and an intelligent layer to respond to alarms. This new service is intended to reduce trips to supervise care recipients of family members, mainly those who live far away from their older adults, and consequently, to reduce the negative impact on the environment derived from fuelled transports utilization, due to the reduction of CO2 footprint.

Eurogestión y Salud, founded in 2012, is a SME focused on the region of Catalonia, aimed to provide primary care service, and currently collaborating with national health insurances, mutual insurance companies, international travel insurance groups and other private institutions that need healthcare services for their employees or to offer their customers. The company has the collaboration of 95 doctors, 42 nurses and 2 psychologists, which offer services related to health programs, both chronic and palliative, and other nursing healthcare services.

In this case, the proposal presented aims to develop a software tool for supporting the elderly, caregivers and nurses during the wound treatment at the patient’s home. This tool will be based on a handheld mobile platform that will provide a set of services for empowering the self-care of wounds, good healthy habits for elderly, as well as to enhance the communication between the care networks. The expected impact is related to the potential reduction in the displacements, and the efficiency of healthcare services.

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