Julio Barrera, i2CAT, wins a seat in the Imagine Express train.

The software engineer of i2CAT participated brilliantly in the innovative experience Imagine Express 2016 within the framework of Mobile World Congress.


Imagine Express is a program aimed to generate businesses in the Mobile sector which takes place during a 4-day trip by train to and from Barcelona-Paris-London, which will take place during the Mobile World Congress 2016 (February 19th to February 22th).

The participants (12 creative minds, 12 software engineers and 12 entrepreneurs), who have not met each other in advance, had the challenge to form groups of 3 with the goal of generating apps for one of the 4 strategic sectors selected.

Julio Barrera competed on behalf of i2CAT in the category of developer. His team, Team 07, developed the "CareMe (by Achilea) App" sponsored by Uriach: An app where the user registers and depending on age, medical history, physical characteristics and the season, recommends a series of supplements to prevent disease, strengthen his/ her levels of a particular ingredient, or enhance his/ her mental and physical performance. Endorsed by a medical association.

The ideas were presented to investors on board of the London Eye and the best team in each sector received mentorship to carry out their project successfully. Once in Barcelona, on February 23rd the entrepreneurs presented in the 4YFN organised by the Mobile World Congress. 4YFN (4 Years From Now) is an international business and networking platform for the global tech start-up community.

4YFN brings together the best mobile start-ups and entrepreneurs with investors, accelerators, incubators and big corporations from the digital and non-digital world. Throughout the year, 4YFN’s team deploys a full spectrum of activities aimed at building digital startup communities.

Congratulations Julio!

Check out this: http://www.btv.cat/alacarta/btv-directe/43774/

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