Optimization of Ultragrid Encoding Capabilities Using H.264

At the end of March of 2013, members from the research network CESNET, from the Czech Republic, and the Audiovisual Unit from the i2CAT Foundation will work jointly on the design and integration of the compression module H.264 of i2CAT in the open-source software Ultragrid, managed by Sitola and CESNET.

The compression technology of i2CAT, used in the transmission of video in Ultra High Definition (UHD), will allow UltraGrid to work on commercial networks, not as stable and robust as experimental networks (NRENs), traditionally used by UltraGrid. The adoption of the H.264 compression format will decrease the required bandwidth for UHD media transmission and making it more reliable in front of packet loss effects and improving its performance in real scenarios. This integration will provide access to UHD contents to thousands of potential users.

This project optimizes the UltraGrid encoding through the participation of the Audiovisual Unit of i2CAT in the project VISIONAIR, an infrastructure created under European funding, that promotes the access of international researchers to high level visualization equipment and facilities the partners of the project dispose of. This is the first experience that i2CAT will carry out in the VISIONAIR project that will end in 2015.

This research has received funding from the European Community's Research Infrastructure Action - grant agreement VISIONAIR 262044 - under FP7/2007-2013.

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