Success at the European Call H2020

The European Commission has recently published the approved projects that will receive EU funds for its implementation within the topic of the new generation of mobile networks (5G), one of the issues, which is considered strategic for Europe. Of the total of 83 projects submitted for this call, only 16 were approved.

Regarding i2CAT, responded to the Call H2020 with a total of nine proposals, of which four were approved. This represents a success rate of almost 45% and also represents 25% of the proposals approved by the EC. That means that i2CAT will be participating in one out of four proposals approved by the Commission, becoming a key center in Europe for research in the field of 5G.

In addition, I2CAT will be leader of one of the four approved proposals: the CHARISMA project. It will develop a cloud infrastructure platform based on 5G networks with higher spectral efficiency and power and an improved performance. Moreover, CHARISMA will deal with networks smart management issues with security end-to-end service through an open virtualized access of security at a physical level. The other three approved projects are SONATA, led by Atos; Sesame led by OTE; and 5G-Xhaul led by IHP Microelectronics. In total, the four projects means a EU grant for I2CAT of more than two million euros.

Additionally, this month I2CAT has submitted 20 proposals H2020 to the Call that closed now in April, appearing as coordinator in five of them.  The Foundation requested in this way funding for over 7.5 million and has created partnerships with more than 100 European institutions. Within five months, the European Commission will resolve these funding grants.

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