Techno-Anthropology and eHealth Workshop

Techno-Anthropology and eHealth Workshop: New Technologies to promote mobility among seniors

i2CAT Foundation and i2Health-Sant Pau will work together in the Techno-Anthropology and eHealth Workshop: New Technologies to promote mobility among the elderly, organized by ACPA and taught by Dr. Jordi Colobrans. 

The workshop is aimed at people interested in learning and implementing the User Experience Research in the field of health, mostly social researchers, psychosocial professionals, designers, developers, perception psychologists and market researchers. 

For this reason, we will discuss one of the problems that eHealth tries to solve: the gradual decrease in the mobility of the elderly as they age and the consequent loss of quality of life experienced by some people. Is it possible to get older people maintain, or even increase, their mobility? How ICT could contribute to active aging world? 

To answer these questions we will put into practice one of the hypotheses of eHealth: If seniors feel safer when moving, they probably would move more. In this workshop we will explore a new tool that is being designed and developed for this purpose within the project Com'on, an R+D project as part of the EU program AAL (Ambient Assistant Living) led by Copenhagen LivingLab and involving five countries. Catalonia also participates and is represented by the health LivingLab “i2Health-Pau” through Livinglabing. This tool is called Comp'anion, which is a mobile application that allows accompanying and communicating virtually with elder travelers during their journeys. 


  1. An approach to the knowledge of eHealth projects and co-design processes of applications with the active participation of users (User Experience Research applications in the field of Health).
  2. A thorough and judgmental review of what has been done in this project and the documentation generated from its beginnings to the present (2012-2014).
  3. An investigation of the final product resulting from this research: the second prototype of the application Com'panion. 

To test the application we will simulate a Care Organisation that will work as a Call Center. At the same time, we will organize a network of travelers and their companions (elderly people who travel and virtual companions connected via mobile application). Each participant will be responsible for one or two retirees, who will be virtually accompanied in their displacements.

Information about the workshop and registration:

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