Willing to access to the biggest Visualization and High Quality Transmission facilities in Europe?

Are you interested in: 

Using visualization and interaction facilities, to which you do not have access? 

Visualization and IP-based network transmission of media content (e.g. audio, video, image) of your audiovisual application?

High-bandwidth network to test your audiovisual application and High capacity international connectivity to connect with other European Partners?

Participating in a European infrastructure that offers a range of unique, world-class visualization capabilities? 

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions the VISIONAIR infrastructure provides a valuable opportunity. 

Contact i2CAT for further detail!


David Cuenca ([email protected])


VISIONAIR is a European funded infrastructure that grants researchers access to high level visualization facilities and resources. Both physical access and virtual services are offered by the infrastructure. Web access to resources for preparing visualization task is organized, while physical access to high level platforms is offered to external scientists, free of charge, based on the excellence of the project submitted. Indeed researchers from Europe and around the world are welcome to carry out their research projects using the facilities provided by the infrastructure.

From 2012 to 2015, facilities from 23 partners across 12 European countries are shared in VISIONAIR providing a unique infrastructure to support research projects taking advantage of:

  • Scientific visualization dedicated devices 
  • Networked ultra-high definition displays and acquisition systems 
  • Virtual reality resources including CAVE-like displays, holographic display, HMDs, etc.
  • Augmented collaborative environments
Who can apply?
  • Those who require up-to-date visualization and interaction technologies in order to overcome an obvious scientific bottleneck. 
  • Those who will allow the publication of the results. Research for commercial purposes is not acceptable. 
  • Those who can demonstrate scientific interest: potential of high quality publication must be targeted and demonstrated when proposing a project. 
  • Those who are interested in trans-national access. This means applicant research team must work in a country other than the country where the hosting institution is established. 
  • Any research group leaded by a researcher from Europe or associated countries with a majority of researcher working in Europe or associated countries. 
What can i2CAT offer?
  • High Definition and Ultra High Definition streaming systems, including software for immersive videoconferencing and multiconferencing experiences and video realization.
  • Hardware for High Definition transmissions
  • Local, National, European and International high-capacity connectivity
  • Distributed Media Lab (DML): high speed interconnection of 4 distributed labs in the Barcelona Area (Castelldefels, Cornella, Barcelona, Barcelona St. Pau Hospital).
  • Professional assessment.

Fees and costs as a European Commission supported infrastructure under grant agreement 262044, VISIONAIR will invite you to visit our installations. One low cost round-trip plane/train ticket (up to 600€) plus hosting costs (up to 120€ a day with up to 15 days depending on the installation) are covered by VISIONAIR. 

VISIONAIR will also be responsible of the technical assistance to train and practice on the facilities.

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