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The Industrial Ring in Moscow

The Industrial Ring has been formally invited the 21 to 25 April, the Moscow Technological University "MAMI", with the objective of presenting the project at the university level and Moscow to find points of collaboration mutual.

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The Design for All Award to Life 2.0!

Design for All Foundation has granted Life 2.0 project with the Living Lab category award during International Design For All Foundation Awards 2013 ceremony, which took place 20th March during International Design Biennial in Saint-Étiene (France).

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Optimization of Ultragrid Encoding Capabilities Using H.264

At the end of March of 2013, members from the research network CESNET, from the Czech Republic, and the Audiovisual Unit from the i2CAT Foundation will work jointly on the design and integration of the compression module H.264 of i2CAT in the open-source software Ultragrid, managed by Sitola and CESNET.

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Willing to access to the biggest Visualization and High Quality Transmission facilities in Europe?

Are you interested in: 

Using visualization and interaction facilities, to which you do not have access? 

Visualization and IP-based network transmission of media content (e.g. audio, video, image) of your audiovisual application?

High-bandwidth network to test your audiovisual application and High capacity international connectivity to connect with other European Partners?

Participating in a European infrastructure that offers a range of unique, world-class visualization capabilities? 

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