Media Content Adaptation system for efficient content transmission, higher performance and better userexperience


Multimedia content distribution is a key feature in actual Internet services landscape. The trade-off between offered quality and user-experience vs. costs and resources stands as one of the main issues for the successful deployment of this type of systems. Content providers, however, often lack of the needed resources to invest in costly hardware transcoding or in-house software solutions with their corresponding maintenance costs

Technology Description

MCAS functionality follows a 4-step process that encompasses the following:

  1. Device context profiling: the system detects the context parameters that allow the profiling of the device that will be the input for the adaptation process.
  2. Adaptation engine process: according to the device context profile and the transcoding profiles of the system an adaptation process is performed and the most appropriate transcoding profile is obtained.
  3. Content transcoding: the system performs live transcoding of the original content to the specified transcoding profile.
  4. Adapted content distribution: the adapted content is made available by means of download or streaming.

Key Advantages

  • Wide audience reach: interoperability with a wide range of heterogeneous devices, capabilities, formats and bandwidth requirements
  • Seamless integration: SaaS model deployment with remote REST services
  • Cost-effective: ensures the optimal trade-off between user-experience and resource consumption
  • Real-time: Content distribution and adaptation in real-time, according to instant context conditions

Key benefits

  • Real-Time contextaware content transcoding
  • Flexible format optimization
  • Live streaming
  • Ease of integration
  • SaaS deployment
  • HTTP Streaming Apis
  • Adhoc clients por PC, Android and IOS

Current stage of development

Pre-commercial platform already launched

Applications and Market

Mobile and Web Broadcasting, Digital Streaming, Mobile IPTV, Marketing and Advertising

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