New application “Augmented Terrassa”

Introducing the first App dedicated to the industrial heritage of Terrassa based on Augmented Reality technology.

On Wednesday May 7th a new application for smartphones and tablets that offers a journey through Terrassa’s industrial and modernist buildings supported with the technology of Augmented Reality will be launched at the city’s museum mNACTEC (National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia).

This innovative application called "Augmented Terrassa" and available for Android and iOS devices, has been fully developed by the i2CAT Foundation’s Audiovisual Unit. This new product is part of the European project CreativeCH, which promotes cooperation and innovation between institutions in the areas of digital cultural heritage, science and technology, and cultural and creative industries.

With the mNACTEC as a reference, "Augmented Terrassa" is a refreshing and sustainable initiative that values the rich cultural and industrial heritage of the city. Conceived as a journey supported with ICT through the industrial past and the modernist architecture of Terrassa, this application allows access, especially to younger generations and makes available to all, the unique industrial heritage preserved in the city in an attractive , fun and interactive way.

Amongst the many features offered in the application, highlights the Augmented Reality technology, allowing users to view the real and virtual worlds in real time, superimposing historic images of the most emblematic buildings and 3D models in a real environment. The application also provides access to privileged information and exclusive materials associated with each point of interest on the route, such as videos and images, sound and audio recordings and bonus tracks; trivia, tips and other topics of interest related to the historical facts occurred during the industrialization period in Terrassa. In short, with this new application all users will understand, know and revive the city’s recent past and its main protagonists, creating their own experience based on their needs and interests.

For more information about “Augmented Terrassa” click HERE!

To attend the presentation of the application, please RSVP at: 937368966 or at: [email protected]

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