i2CAT fosters the creation of 3D models of the archaeological site in Empúries

i2CAT collaborates with UPC to create 3D models of the sites at the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia Empúries.

This activity, as a result of the collaboration with the Department of Architectural Graphic Expression at the UPC University, aims to develop 3D reproductions of the sites for an augmented reality application on heritage.

From 1-4th of May, members of the i2CAT’s Audiovisual Unit, in collaboration with students and faculty of the UPC University, are celebrating a joint work at the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia (MAC), with the purpose of study the well-known ruins of Empúries and reshape, from architectural references, the most emblematic buildings of the Greek and Roman sites.  These 3D reconstructions will be visualized by means of augmented reality technology in a pilot application which will enable all visitants to discover, in a 3D environment in motion and in real time, how the Greek and Roman cities of Empúries were at its beginnings.

This is a unique opportunity for all participants to acquire first-hand knowledge based on a real case study. The experience includes a variety of aspects such as working in collaboration with historians and experts in the culture and history of Greco- Roman architecture, in-situ data collection, interpretation of the information provided, teamwork, networking, and optimization of 3D models to apply to augmented reality features.

The realization of these 3D computer reproductions of non-existent buildings will serve as the baseline for the i2CAT’s programme to develop models of augmented reality features applied on memory and cultural heritage sites within the I AM project. International Augmented Med (I AM) is a European project on the framework of the ENPI-CBCMED programme, cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean, which aims to establish a self-sustaining cross-sector system (IT-Tourism) that provides innovative services for heritage enhancement. 

The main expected outcome of the project is to provide innovative services for the enhancement of heritage and encourage diversification of tourism products (more specifically, through the promotion of cultural and rural tourism through new technologies).

International Augmented Med is an international cooperation project funded by the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea basin 2007-2014 Programme of the European Union.


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