IoTogether, simultaneous hackathon between Barcelona and Trento

IoTogether, the first simultaneous hackathon between Barcelona and Trento

The hackathon will take place on September 20th and it will seek solutions in the Internet of Things for smart cities 

About thirty people will work together and simultaneously from Barcelona and Trento (Italy) on September 20 to find solutions in the Internet of Things (IOT), useful for smart cities. It will be the IoTogether, the first hackathon distributed between the two cities, thanks to the Specifi network and with the collaboration of Barcelona Laboratory. 

The creation factory Fabra i Coats will be the meeting point in Barcelona, and MuSe, the one in Italy. It is an open event to participants habituated with the IoT (hackers, designers, geeks and makers) who, organized in groups between the two cities, have ten hours to build smart environments and smart clothes (wearables). At the end of the day the projects will be presented and the best will be rewarded. 

Besides the main goal of the hackathon, the highlight of the event will be the relationship in real-time, among participants in each of the cities. Communication will be possible thanks to the Internet of Things videoconferencing tool that will be provided by Specifi. 

From 9 a.m. attendees will have at their disposal 3D printers, milling machines and laser cutters to realize their proposals. To participate you just have to register and bring your computer and the objects you want to connect. At 7 p.m. prototypes will be presented, an hour later the awards will be assigned and then the event will be closed.

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