Creativity and Culture

Creativity and Culture



A world of distributed creativity, open to everyone, is possible. Internet is allowing an explosion of amateur activities in fields like photography, video, music, literature and journalism. Users are also producers. Internet is beyond the world of broadcasters. The democratization of new technologies like augmented and virtual reality will increase this trend.

Playable cities, gamification, smart crowds, all they are emerging fields that will change the traditional models of culture and creation. The new scenario is a smart and creative city, an augmented open public space. Simulation games in cultural heritage places can change the experience of a new generation of young tourists. Barcelona and Catalonia can be transformed in a global living lab of creativity and culture.


i2cat is working with the following use cases and applications:

1) Connect

  • BCNLab: Connecting Local Communities and Technology providers to promote creativity and innovation.
  • Specifi: Connecting local and international communities to co-create in distributed environments.

2) Access

  • TV-Ring: Accessing new content formats and advanced applications for connected TVs through HbbTV and high bandwidth networks.
  • MITSU/NOTTS: Promoting the development of OTT services by improving media transmission and distribution formats.

3) Experience

  • Empuries+: Experience the old greek and roman cities by an augmented reality walk through the ruins of Empuries.
  • Terrassa+: Discover the industrial past of Terrassa by an augmented reality walk through the emblematic buildings of the city.

4) Create

  • FI-Content: Providing enablers to SMEs and developers to create applications and services in the areas of social connected TV, smart city services and pervasive games.
  • Creatifi: Promoting the adoption of FIWare and accelerating creative ideas, products, services and companies.