OpenFlow in Europe: Linking Infrastructure and Applications



The project creates a unique experimental facility that allows researchers to not only experiment “on” a test network but to control and extend the network itself precisely and dynamically. The OFELIA facility is based on OpenFlow, a currently emerging networking technology that allows virtualization and control of the network environment through secure and standardized interfaces.

The first phase of this project, which has now been completed, deploys the infrastructure composed of various L2/L3 devices with OpenFlow support and servers in order to act as endpoints in eight different locations (called islands). Additionally it creates the control software to automate the reservation of resources and the operation of the infrastructure.

OFELIA aims to produce an experimentation space which allows for flexible integration of test and production traffic by isolating the traffic domains inside the OpenFlow enabled network equipment. This allows for providing realistic test scenarios and for seamless deployment of successfully tested technology.

Any user accepting the usage policy is welcome to experiment on the OpenFlow-enabled testbed. 

OFELIA is part of the European Commission’s FP7 ICT programme:


OpenFlow allows researchers to experiment on a dynamically controlled test network. OFELIA allows the testing of level 3, and higher, network protocols and validation in a real test environment close to the production networks and with real traffic.

This is the first European infrastructure made up of a set of eight islands with network equipment which supports OpenFlow in a multi-domain and multi-layered environment. In this sense, the project has optical equipment adapted to OpenFlow.


OFELIA opens and experimental infrastructure to the community which allows experimentation and validation of new paradigms, protocols and network architectures in real multi-layered and multi-domain environments in order to define new standards for the Internet of the Future.