Rapid Application Innovation for SMEs



By means of collaboration between small and mediumsized business and R+D entities, the RAISME project aims to develop and open software platform, which is both flexible and scalable, integrating multiple services for the processing and analysis of data representing complex systems in the finance, medicine and transport sectors. 

To complete de project, a range of leading services have been integrated. These services belong to the technological fields of extraction and processing of information coming from public and private databases, analysis and forecasting, creation and optimisation of models, visualisation of graphs and temporary series etc. Both graphically and intuitively, the final user is offered the possibility to create combinations of services which deliver a much more capable solution to the analysis of data and decision making.

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The most relevant research and innovation elements are the following:

  • The establishment of conceptual foundations on service composition (workflows) and databases in order to build a platform that will allow for the integration of complementary software, creating a joint application.
  • The use of most innovative strategies and mechanisms regarding security and data processing.
  • Modelling and optimisation of important data by means of genetic algorithms.
  • The creation of powerful and elegant visualisation which allow for the user to analyse the data conveniently and intuitively.
  • The use of match-making algorithms which facilitate the creation process of the user’s own tailored solutions.

Thanks to the project, the SMEs have an integrated, innovative, scalable and low cost platform which gives them new market opportunities and strengthens the industrial competitivity, taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of the R&D participating entities. Finally, a methodology in order to prepare and add new third party tools into the integrated platform have been defined.


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11/2010 to 06/2012
European Project FP7