Centro del Conocimiento Fundació Antoni Tàpies



The main objectives of the project consist on design and develop an Open Source web platform able to give access to the artistic content of the Fundació Tàpies archive to the users. The project is carried out following a Living Labs approach including the user in all the stages of the project, in order to offer an open space for discussion and communication between users and designers in all actions.

Also another important objective is to establish a reference precedent as an observatory and platform for knowledge transfer for the artistic/cultural sector, educative and for all these institutions dedicated to the promotion of cultural heritage, by establishing new models of archives based in dynamic digital ontologies.


From the technical viewpoint, the innovation is centred in the creation of a online transcoding module able to automate all the tasks related to the audiovisual media, derived from the new technological platform of the Fundación Tàpies. Between others characteristics the module will have the capacity to adapt all contents for its correct storage, transmission via web, subtitles embedding, text and/or logos and images combinations.


The main benefits obtained during the project have social character and are directly related to the Living Labs process. At the end of the project different users of the Fundació Tàpies (both users with high level of cultural knowledge and users with basic level) will participate in the opening process of the Antoni Tàpies work through the open work platform developed under the Open Source and Living Labs philosophies.

During this process users participate actively in the evaluation and the design of the technically premises that support the project provoking in this way a better adaptation of the product to the needs/priorities of the more active users.

09/2009 to 12/2011
1.710.053 €