Global Tele Rehabilitation System



The GTRS project aims to allow the patients, using a telerehabilitation system, to do the rehabilitation exercises at home. The exercises of the system will be done integrated in a videogame in order to motivate the patient. The system will take control over their evolution and will record videos of the exercises done. Moreover, it will dispose of a tool of video call to allow the communication between doctors and patients at any time during the rehabilitation at home.

Subprograma Innpacto 2012 INC-TU-2012-2643


The technical solution is designed and adapted to the requirements and needs transmitted by all the doctors involved in the patients rehabilitations after the stroke. It’s formed by a set of devices that is installed in patients homes, composed by a Touch Screen, a Microsoft Kinect and a Dongle 3G, to guarantee a good connection quality. The doctors will have available a web page where they will control every one of the patients and take the management of the system.

Diagram of how GTRS works


The project will help to improve the situation of stroke patients during the home rehabilitation phase. The patients will do the exercises planned and will keep the contact with the doctors, who will do their tracking from the reference hospital.


Due to the high number of patients that need rehabilitation after suffering an stroke, it’s not possible to provide a long rehabilitation to all of them. As a consequence of this, patients only receive the adequate rehabilitation during a few months after the stroke.

The stroke rehabilitation has two phases: during the first one, the patient remains in the hospital and does rehabilitation with the rehabilitation doctors regularly. During the second one, the patient does the rehabilitation at home. In most cases, the rehabilitation at home is not taken seriously and the visits with the rehabilitation doctors are less frequent that it would be desired.

Rough picture of what is to be achieved

06/2012 to 06/2014