Plataforma eLearning con contenidos multimedia entorno a comunidades virtuales Web 2.0



The main goal of this project is the development of a platform to create, broadcast and interchange multimedia contents for the eLearning in medical environments based on virtual communities (Web 2.0). Relevant content will be generated over this platform for its online management, obtained from the available material of the consortium members.

The multimedia contents will manage text, images, graphs, presentations (PowerPoint style), audio and video. A collaborative environment following the Web 2.0 philosophy must be added to these contents, for each specific medical community.


The evolution in information tecnologies and telecomunications area allows a high improvement in education because its interactive system allows the communication among the learning communities (professors, alumni, support staff). A sector where the education is necessary and continued for the whole life is medicine. Knowing how we learn is a key factor to improve the communication effectiveness in the health sector, to avoid being just information.

Therefore is necessary to design and implement an eLearning system, multiplatform (internet, movile, IPTV), that leverages the means of communication convergence and adapts to doctors needs. So that their training improves and promotes a better medicine practice through the use of multimedia content.

10/2008 to 12/2010