This projects will offer new technological solutions and new digital contents that will allow to create a new Social Network focussed to Caregivers and Healthcares of people with reduced mobility. To achieve this main goal, it will be created a new solution that will be deployed into a Living Lab, offering a final solution product that will accomplish the requirements of the main users of this services.



Next table shows the main goals of this project and also the results that are expected to be achieved with each objective:

Main objective Expected results
Connection Network Improve the behaviour of the caregivers to a good mood and improving the relationship with society
Confirm the solution deploying it into a Living Labs in Cornellà city It will be tested to check and improve the solution by the final system' users
Develop a new platform that will give support to the Social Network and with a market target to be sold after being developed Develop a new product that will be able to be deployed in other cities and countries
  • Cornellà de Llobregat will be the city where will be deployed the Living Lab. This city has more that 85.000 inhabitants and it's a city with the appropriate size to perform this new experience focused on social and health matter.
  • Living Lab stimulates people and achieve solutions that are new ideas that are developed by society but with help of experts on technologies and health. This solutions have, as a min aim, give better quality live style and new procedures to give social attention to caregivers of people with reduced mobility. This kind of experiences helps to introduce caregivers and closer relatives to the new technological era.
  • Encourage the use of new technologies to the great possible number of citizens living in Cornellà. The final product has to be able to be extended to other cities and service providers.