WiNNOVATE: Mediterranean Wireless Innovation



WiNNOVATE aims to enhance the innovation capabilities of the regional and municipal authorities in Greece, Spain, Italy and Slovenia by means of knowledge transfer and best practices in the scopes of wireless communications, as well as to foster a closer coordination between governments, citizens and dynamisation agents for the adoption and proliferation of wireless applications and services.

The project pretends to promote wireless infrastructures (local and metropolitan) and specify pilot applications able to add value to the infrastructures, resulting in net benefit for the end users. To that purpose, a guide will be made available covering the introduction and innovative usage of wireless networks and, additionally, eventual services to be offered. The goal is to enhance the innovation capacities of any participating Mediterranean region by using wireless networks.

This project has taken into account the challenge of integrating research, business and government (at regional and local) within the same project.


The main elements of innovation of the project are:

  • Achieve a reusable methodological focus that allows for evaluating and guiding the regional, national and international authorities towards innovation with wireless networks.
  • Implement a number of pilot tests on each participating region.
  • Carry on a subsequent evaluation of the results achieved with the pilot tests.
  • Finally, specify a list of recommendations and best practices.

The results of this project are fully oriented towards the development of new services and products that leverage the advantages offered by wireless networks, obtaining both at the end of the project and at intermediate milestones a series of pilot tests to demonstrate their feasibility

It is worth mentioning the challenge of bringing together research centres, companies and public administrations (local and regional) under a single project.

Research groups
  • i2CAT
  • Research Center of the Athens University of Economics and Business (Grècia)
  • Ajuntament de Velez Malaga (Espanya)
  • Organisation of Municipalities of Chios (Grècia)
  • Consorzio Universitú Industria – Laboratori di Radiocomunicazioni
  • RadioLabs (Itàlia)
  • Fundació i2CAT (Catalunya)
  • Municipality of Genoa (Itàlia)
  • Development Agency Sinergija (Eslovènia)
05/2009 to 12/2012
Programa MED
1.521.620 €