Ecosistema de les Sarxes de Sensors 


Among the possible New Professional Activities, NAP, which is promoted by COIT, sensor networks have been identified as one of them. This activity, under certain conditions, would set up and operate these networks for the professional group of telecommunications engineers.

Sensor networks, WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks) have been identified as one of the most promising technologies of the future, due to the recent emergence of small low-cost electromechanical sensors, the advantages over other technologies for remote control and telemetry and the wide range of applications identified for this technology.

Recently, the importance of sensor networks has grown to be considered an step of the evolution of the Internet to the "Internet of Things", but the sensor technology and communication between nodes is very diverse and often about technology owner, while being consolidated standard technologies such as ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.

In Spain there are companies dedicated to the development and commercialization of sensor networks, but networks generally are specific to individual customers, large customers and general administration. We can't say that there is an ecosystem of many small businesses and marketing professionals also many applications for small companies and professionals. However, it seems to be the market and technology needed to satisfy it.

It would be possible to develop the market if Telecommunication Engineers, composed independent or small companies, IT, distributed throughout Spain and reaching a number high enough, carried out part of their business planning and deploying sensor networks. In order to do this, it would be necessary to join all actors or agents of a WSN ecosystem and relate to each other through a digital or emarketplace market, as shown in the figure below:


They are a part of the ecosystem the companies or professionals who have developed sensor products and network technology and who wish to establish trade agreements with the IT / SMEs and operators for marketing.

i2CAT in Wireless Sensor Networks Ecosystem

i2CAT, in collaboration with the UPC, has about five years experience in research about sensors network Technologies and actuators, which have evolved improving important respects, for example:

  • Battery Consumption
  • Efficiency of the protocols used
  • Radio communication range
  • Addressing and routing and transport mechanisms
  • Reliability and robustness of communications
  • Flexible hierarchical or mesh architectures

Because of these technological advances and in conjunction with cheaper devices, the range of areas where these applied technologies have been fired:

  • Intelligent cities (Smart Cities)
  • Home automation systems
  • Energy efficiency
  • Automatic Metering
  • Prevention of occupational hazards
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Fire Detection and Prevention
  • Personal or Body Area Networks (PAN / BAN)


In i2CAT, whose main objective is to transfer the results of R&D to boost the industrial technological capacity and innovation of collaborating companies, there are currently running a number of projects in these areas and it has proven solvency in:

  • Identify the type of public funding that best fits the need for companies, whether state level (CENIT, Avanza I+D, etc.) or international (EU FP7, IST-PSP CIP Interreg, etc.).
  • Organize consortia of private and public entities in the case of Collaborative projects
  • Drafting proposals on improving the probability of success
  • Coordination of individual and cooperative projects
  • Research activities at the theoretical and analytical
  • Prototyping both hardware and software
  • Making transfer of project results to other companies
  • Develop mechanisms for protection of results (patents, licenses, etc.).

If you are a company in the sector and Sensor Networks want to develop an innovation project, but have difficulty in any of the above items, do not hesitate contact us. (Project coordinator)