Energrid is a project in collaboration with the IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) for Endesa, with the aim of designing, developing and validating an intelligent infrastructure to ensure the energy efficiency of buildings. This involves creating a new paradigm of distributed energy management in both private homes and in other buildings in general, which has among its objectives, the validation of a real pilot test of a new generation of intelligent technologies distributed for energy efficiency under a conceptual model similar to that of the Internet.

Specifically, i2CAT will contribute to the project by developing a comprehensive management platform that will not only monitor energy consumed and generated by buildings, but also act on certain elements of control (for example, the air conditioning system based on adaptive decision-making algorithms) and at the same time, effectively manage and account for the energy received and generated into the distribution network.


Innovation elements which stand out are:

  • Design, development and validation according to the radio standard IEEE 802.15.4, which enables the creation of Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN), which are designed for devices with resource limitations (memory and CPU) and low consumption, such as the WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks). By way of this interface, the nodes use IPv6 communications according to the 6LowPlan standard defined by the ETF, which allows the use of IPv6 in the sensor networks.
  • Additionally different technologies can be added to the system, such as ZigBee and Modbus. In the same way, it is also possible to include data from external systems for decision-making (energy prices, weather forecasts, location of users, etc.).

The results of this project allows for the development of energy efficiency without compromising comfort for the end user, inside the home, by integrating own technology with other devices from different suppliers within the same platform.

Energrid project enables :

  • To optimise final energy consumption thereby helping to improve the environment and achieve responsible energy consumption.
  • To promote the use of more ecological forms of electricity generation, with the aim of covering most of their own consumption requirements.
  • To control and know in detail the energy consumption of each building, and thereby achieve maximum efficiency and reduce costs.
  • IaaC
  • i2CAT

06/2011 to 02/2015
Subcontractació IaaC