Chronos – The Advance Reservation System



Chronos is a reservation system that allows users to reserve network resources in advance or immediately if they are available at the time of request. It handles routing so it is not necessary to know the inner topology, users just select the endpoints to connect, the start and end times and the bandwidth needed and Chronos finds the correct path and reserve the resources for that time. Chronos provides the ARGIA system with the capability of making advance reservations; what is more, domains controlled by Chronos can be plugged into the Harmony system. The users of Chronos can be a human person, grid middleware (i.e. Harmony Project) or other type of network aware applications.


In Chronos two types of resource reservations in networks can be distinguished: immediate reservations, which are made in a just-in-time manner, and advance reservations, which allow reserving resources a period of time before they are actually used. Advance reservations are a useful network service that can provide guaranteed connectivity for network users and allows service providers to more efficiently manage network resources and thus, provide a better quality of service.

  • Service providers can manage more efficiently the network resources and thus provide a better QoS and network planning.
  • Operators know in advance if the resources needed to establish connections will be available.
  • Chronos provides ARGIA with the capability of making reservations in advance
  • Domains controlled by ARGIA-Chronos can be plugged into the Harmony system (a software developed inside the EU-IST Phosphorus Project that is able to create multi-domain reservations through different domains controlled by ARGIA-Chronos, DRAC and ARGON).


09/2007 to 09/2009
16.000 €