AFA - ConnectAlzheimer



The AFA-ConnectAlzheimer project creates a network of tactile terminals in the domestic environment that make interaction possible between Alzheimer patients carers and also with a dedicated social professional. It also offers numerous added services designed to facilitate various daily processes to carers.

The AFA-ConnectAlzheimer project will also offer the Alzheimer patient the possibility to practise cognitive stimulation with custom exercises and from their home, using a specific software telematically monitorized by a professional.


BTV Connect Alzheimer:

TV3 Connect Alzheimer:

XTVL Connect Alzheimer:

  • Stimulate carers to have an active life aside from caregiving tasks.
  • Increase carers’ self esteem: they feel forced to keep an adequate look, as they know they are being viewed through the net.
  • Reduce the incidence of psycho-social problems, motivated by the continuous care of people with dependency.
  • Facilitate contact between carers and/with the reference social professional.
  • Familiarize users with the usage of new technologies.
  • Keep carers informed of new developments related to Alzheimer disease through news, and advise and supply them with formation using audiovisual and interactive contents.
  • Give an incentive to Alzheimer’s patients’ cognitive stimulation through specific software, remotely monitored by a professional.


  • Fundació i2CAT
07/2009 to 07/2013