Building Service Testbeds on FIRE



The main objective of this Project is the design, implementation and operation of a multi-domain cloud infrastructure and its operational software framework, focused to research and experimentation on future Internet. According to this, BonFIRE aims to offer an experimental infrastructure for researchers in order they can test and validate their systems and applications.

This infrastructure is open to companies and research communities through the so-called “Open Call”. By means of the first Open Call in spring 2011, four new partners have been funded (CESGA, the University of Manchester, RedZinc and CETIC) as they perform experiments related their own research interest upon BonFIRE, and at the same time, they provide feedback about the functionality in order to improve the service.

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The most relevant research and innovation elements are the following:

  • Offer a geographical distributed and also greatly heterogenic, experimental multi-cloud infrastructure where applications can be tested and analysed on a large scale.
  • Test Automation by means of experimental descriptors, achieving the repetitiveness of experiments and testing in diverse conditions. 
  • Monitoring during the experimentation stage which offers real time information about the performance of BonFIRE to the users. 
  • Infrastructure federation as a means to provide a range of wider functionalities. A controlled network environment is offered by means of the federation with FEDERICA. With this goal, a collaboration between the FP7 NOVI project has been established, which works to produce an SFA interface in order to access FEDERICA. Simultaneously, the federation is also working with AutoBAHN, which allows for the configuration of guaranteed bandwidth circuits. Moreover, further collaboration with the OFELIA project is expected in the upcoming year, adopting the OpenFlow technology.




BonFIRE opens new possible innovation areas for the Future Internet and the technological industry. These areas include: federation of infrastructures operating with diverse technologies, experimental tools, network emulation, infrastructure virtualization and test modeling. Furthermore, we will proceed to increase the ambit of these experiments allowing the federation with other facilities from FIRE community (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) like FEDERICA and PlanetLab if it’s feasible and justified. Finally, BonFIRE will develop a business model for the sustainability focused on enlarging the facility after the end of the project.


06/2010 to 11/2013
Projecte Europeu FP7