Arquitecturas y Protocolos Convergentes para Servicios de la Internet del Futuro



Internet is changing. It needs to be redesigned. Two basic paths: revolutionary and evolutionary. This project is attacking the problem from both perspectives.

On one hand, a revolutionary solution that implies a new role-based architecture consisting of a set non divisible functionalities which can be combined and composed to provide services to end users. In this revolutionary approach, paradigms for mapping physical and logical entities need to be redefined. Also, the methods for converging different technologies actually transporting the information in this redesigned architecture as well need to be defined in order to be optimized.

On the other hand, an evolutionary solution takes as the starting point currently existing architectures, services and protocols. Therefore, this project studies the alternative of taking the current Internet architecture as it is and modify it to solve the upcoming limitations. In this sense, taking an existing technology for interoperation with heterogeneous access technologies -IEEE802.21- the project will extend it in order to make it more flexible and be able to offer new services and at the same time to provide an optimized interface for operation, management and control of underlying media access technologies.

01/2011 to 12/2013
108.000 €