CarismaTiC project provides to special collectives who require of psychosocial attention, especially dementia patients and their surrounding family who usually provides the career role, with a tool that allows maintaining or improving their quality of life. ICT services within the project allow a closer relation with social or healthcare professionals through a mobile device (tabletPC) which incorporates services specially designed to respond to the specific problems of objective collective and receive a more personalized service.


The project provides family units of dependent people with dementia problems with a set of ICT services by a personalized mobile interface. CarismaTiC modifies the launcher form Android devices in order to easy interaction of users and adapt the services offered according to the specific needs of each user. Professionals interact with the service from a web interface that allows their access to their role functionalities and also allows personalizing remotely the services available to the users. The main services nowadays developed are: videoconference service, communication by text messages, video messages and audio messages.

09/2012 to 12/2013
Obra Social La Caixa 2012