Connect-EU Network, Group in Media, Mobility and Interaction



The Group Connect-EU in Media, Mobility and Interaction (MMI) is a collaborative gathering of Catalan business and research entities whose activities are centered in the following areas or business sectors:

  • Multimedia and/or mobility applications, creation of new audiovisual services.
  • Creation, production, cataloguing, storage and transmission of multimedia content, for mobile or fix devices.
  • Videogames and other entertainment applications, virtual and augmented/mixed reality technologies.

The MMI group is part of the network of Connect-EU Groups, promoted by ACC1Ó and integrated by several industrial groups, which aim is to collect the interests and needs in research and innovation in the sectors they represent in order to defend them in the European Union and influence EU-funded projects, particularly the 7th European Framework Programme for R & D.


The EU-MMI-Connect Group objectives are:

  • Influence the defining strategy of the R & D at European level.
  • Increase fundraising for research and innovation of the participating entities.
  • Defend the Catalans interests in Spain and Europe.
  • Encourage collaboration and cooperation between companies and research organizations from Catalonia.
12/2010 to 12/2012