CreatiFI: Leveraging the Future Internet for the Creative Industries



The goal of CreatiFI is to be a catalyst in resolving the existing paradox in the relationship between European Creative Industries and ICT, characterised by their dependency on ICT for sustainability on the one hand, and by a significant current gap in ICT-readiness on the other. In order to do this, CreatiFI aims to introduce FI-PPP technologies to all corners of the Creative Industries, by supporting and accelerating between 60 and 90 entrepreneurs into developing innovative tools and services for the Creative Industries, and by creating at least 18 viable new players in this area, which have 1) an innovative, FI-PPP based tool for the CI in a mature state of development, 2) a sound business plan for commercial deployment and 3) access to the resources required for sustained growth. Finally, besides this direct impact, CreatiFI will also actively promote the further diffusion of FI-PPP based ICT into Creative Industries by offering these together in established, sector specific marketplaces. The result of this will be a ubiquitous availability of these tools under clear licensing conditions.

The longer-term, overarching objectives of CreatiFI are to bridge the innovation gap in European Creative Industries that currently exists with other regions in the world, while also leveraging Europe’s unique strengths of cultural diversity that define its creative output. This way, CreatiFI will transfer the foundations laid by the FI-PPP programme to an important economic sector in Europe, and will help European cities and regions to become super-creative cores that are vital contributors to overall competitiveness as well as to the well-being of their citizens.


CreatiFI addresses key challenges for ICT creative entrepreneurs in Europe in a decentralised way. CreatiFI integrates 4 Hubs located in Europe's most creative Regions: Brussels, Barcelona, Helsinki, and Trento. CreatiFI hubs will provide business and technical guidance and assistance to regional SMEs and web entrepreneurs and beyond. CreatiFI offers (1) a very intensive dissemination and networking based on the Tier 1 European ICT and Creative Indystry Ecosystems; (2) Matchmaking between tech-savvy and creative people and organisations; (3) established and proven sets of procedures, methods, and tools; (4) technology and innovation support towards FI-PPP enablers; (6) Living Lab tests that enable SMEs to explore markets; and (7) Gateways to further funding.

  • iMinds
  • Forum Virium Helsinki
  • Fundacio Privada i2CAT, Internet i Innovació Digital a Catalunya
  • Create-Net (Center for Research and Telecommunication Experimentation for Networked Communities)
  • Trentino Sviluppo Spa
  • European Business and Innovation Centre Network
  • European Network of Living Labs Enoll
  • Institut de Cultura de Barcelona

CreatiFI Technologies video for MM events

Introduction to FIWARE

09/2014 to 08/2016
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