Esencial Tablet



Since March 2012, the Innovation Department of Orange (Spain) is developing the Esencial Tablet application within the product line of Orange HealthCare. 

Orange requested i2CAT’s eHealth Area to integrate the ViewCat videoconferencing solution with the Esencial Tablet application, in order to incorporate multimedia communication functionalities. Since then, i2CAT has been working with Orange for necessary developments and adaptations to perform interoperability testing and functional validation with real users. 

Integrating ViewCat in Esencial Tablet allows users to make videoconferences with healthcare professionals, using both iPad and Android tablets (IOS) as tablets with Android operating system.


ViewCat software consists of the following components: a multi-conference unit with a capacity to handle up to 100 simultaneous streams; an application for Android and iOS environments, integrated into the Esencial Tablet application; and finally a web interface for setting up videoconferencing, for both members connected from mobile interface, or through the web. 

The ViewCat solution meets the requirements set by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, regarding the security and confidentiality of communications. In addition, the image quality and bandwidth needed to establish these videoconferences band automatically adjusts depending on the capacity of the available connection Viewcat allows these sessions can be established using any connection type (cable, Wi-Fi or 3G).

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03/2012 to 05/2013