ETRICAT - Orange



The ETRICAT-Orange project has the principal aim of creating a patient monitoring  service platform and video services by  means of wireless networks. The resulting  platform is developed in such a way that it will be easily adaptable to a health  and hospital environment where the  usability and functionality requirements are  the most critical.

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The current solutions over wireless networks have certain limitations which the project aims to solve. With this in mind, several tests have been carried out and different solutions are integrated into the final demonstrator:

  • Deployment of the platform with the support on non-automatic handover between static and dynamic nodes.

    - First approach by way of a session handover between a high definition screen and a portable device.

    - Retrieval of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Standard IEEE 802.21 for mobility in WiFi networks.

  • Adaptable content distribution taking into account and the user device capabilities

    - Robust information delivery with continuous video reproduction in poor WiFi environments. These environments will be based on a WiFi node grid.

  • Utilisation of IEEE 802.15.4 equipment in order to wirelessly monitor multiple medical parameters (pulsations, blood pressure...). These values will be processed and stored in a database and, in the case of an anomaly, the doctor receives an automatic notification in order to carry out patient tracking more effectively.

The results of this project are orientated towards the development of new services and products that profit from the advantages offered by the new wireless multimedia platforms. A series of pilot tests used to demonstrate the viability of the adopted solutions are obtained at intermediate milestones and at the end of the project.

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  • i2CAT
01/2009 to 12/2011
240.000 €